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Saving for Retirement vs. Saving for College

As we sit here today, I owe roughly $14,500 in student loans. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Actually, it’s a paltry sum compared to the gargantuan amount of debt I racked up during my five and a half years in college and grad school – I did go to Duke, after all, where tuition… Continue Reading

Looking for a Last-Minute Tax Shelter? I've Got The Answer

2012 has come and gone… unless you’re talking about contributing to your retirement accounts. Although the IRS’s deadline for things like drawing a salary or donating to a charity is December 31, Uncle Sam is a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to funding your IRA. For this section of your tax return, the… Continue Reading

Pulling Out Of The Stock Market Before The Sequester

I’m starting to believe that the federal government is the stupidest organization in the world. We seem to be staring down one manufactured crisis after another: the debt ceiling crisis of 2011, the fiscal cliff of late 2012. Now, we’re looking at yet another self-imposed, potential disaster. Congress’s last-minute deal to avoid the fiscal cliff… Continue Reading

How We Spent $13,000

What would you do with an unexpected gift of $13,000, one that came with absolutely no strings attached? That’s the question I asked you a few months ago, after my grandmother gave my husband and me $13,000 in cash as she tried to find a way to avoid a potential hike on estate taxes. You… Continue Reading

My Dumbest Stock Market Decision Ever

Do you remember what you were doing on August 5, 2011? Unless that date is your wedding anniversary or birthday, you probably don’t. And even though August 5, 2011 holds no special significance in my family when it comes to personal milestones, I’ll always remember that date because of a financial milestone… a milestone I’d… Continue Reading

Investing In Your Social Capital

There are six women at my Y who kind of rule the roost. They’re all enviably toned, have children who get together for regular play dates, and sit together at the Y’s pool, endlessly chatting and laughing about who knows what. Meanwhile, I’m sitting on the other side of the pool deck, usually by myself,… Continue Reading

My Dad's Unique Investments

“Mommy, what’s this?” my three year old asked me on a recent trip to my parents’ house. She handed me a large, silver brick. I had an idea what it was, but decided to defer to my father instead. “Better ask Grampa,” I told her. My parents have a rather unusual take on investing. Sure,… Continue Reading

My Dumbest Investment Decision Ever

We all have them: the ghosts in our financial closet that haunt us months, years, decades after we thought we’d put them behind us. For some of us, it’s a regrettable investment decision that left you questioning your sanity; for others, it’s a lack of budgeting willpower that forces us to our knees, begging for… Continue Reading

Meeting Your Life Insurance Needs

Maybe you just got married or started a family; maybe you’re about to build or buy a new home; or, maybe you’re on the brink of retirement. Whatever major life change you’re about to encounter, you need to encounter it with the right amount of life insurance. Nobody wants to think about the end of… Continue Reading

Converting Your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA

As the old saying goes, there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. And if you’re  thinking about converting your traditional IRA, like a 401k, to a Roth and you’re asking, “Do I have to pay taxes?” the answer – unfortunately – is yes. My husband and I have been debating the pros… Continue Reading