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The Three Letters You Must Know If You're Self-Employed

The world of personal finance is full three-letter acronyms: CPA, CFP, MBA, CFO, just to name a few. But there’s another set of three letters that’s been on my mind lately – LLC If you’ve spent any amount of time listening to the radio lately, you’ve probably heard the ads from sites like LegalZoom, offering… Continue Reading

Airline Pilots Make How Much?

My grandmother loves to tell stories about the grand old days of air travel. She remembers fondly when going to the airport wasn’t just a hassle, a necessary evil to get to your vacation destination, but an adventure in and of itself. She recalls how everyone always showed up at the airport dressed up in… Continue Reading

Babysitter Wanted: Maximizing My Time To Work

When I quit my full-time, in-the-office job to work at home as a freelance writer, I envisioned peaceful mornings spent sipping coffee in my home office while my two children slept in until long after the sun rose. What I got instead was a pair of children who wake up before the sun, a home… Continue Reading

Follow My Plan To Make Extra Money

I have a good friend who desperately needed to make extra money. Her husband had recently lost his job, she was seven months pregnant, and they had a special needs child who attended a specialized school. Even though her husband’s unemployment checks would provide in the interim, she knew it wouldn’t be enough: and she… Continue Reading

I lost My Job Today – Now What?

Today started like any other day.  I was working hard and had a few meetings.  Just about noon my boss came into my office and said that she had some bad news.  She told me that I was being let go because the company was struggling and they had to make some more cuts.  I… Continue Reading