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Convenience vs. Cost

There was a time – not so long ago – when I’d do anything to save a buck. Drive to the far side of town to pump the cheapest gas into my SUV’s tank? Absolutely. Choose to shop at the grocery store that was a few miles farther down the road to take advantage of their… Continue Reading

Am I Really Saving Money? My XM Radio

Each year, I get an invoice from XM, the satellite radio company with whom I’ve had a subscription – one of my few admitted luxuries – since buying my car in 2009; a three-month subscription came complimentary with the vehicle. Each year, that invoice charges me a couple hundred dollars for the next year’s worth… Continue Reading

Commuting Costs Can Be a Biatch

Hi!  The following is a guest post from Crystal’s younger sister, Ambi.  She’s a recent college graduate and just started her first post-college career. I currently live in a suburb of Houston with my awesome older sister (Crystal’s comment: awwww). I have to commute to downtown Houston every work day for my first job post-graduation. I… Continue Reading

How We Spent $13,000

What would you do with an unexpected gift of $13,000, one that came with absolutely no strings attached? That’s the question I asked you a few months ago, after my grandmother gave my husband and me $13,000 in cash as she tried to find a way to avoid a potential hike on estate taxes. You… Continue Reading

Determining Fair Market Value

For years, I accumulated more than a dozen tupperware tubs full of children’s clothing, old toys, obsolete baby gear, and household paraphrenalia in my home’s attic. I knew I wanted to donate a lot of it to charity and use my contribution as a tax deduction, but I was completely paralyzed by how to determine… Continue Reading

Wedding Costs – For The Guests

My husband and I are at the point in our lives where it seems like everyone we know is getting married: his cousins, my cousins, our friends from high school, college sorority sisters and football teammates, co-workers. You name it, they’re tying the knot this year. Which means one thing for us – we’re going… Continue Reading

Feeding Your Emergency Fund

Last week, just shy of 400,000 Americans filed a jobless claim for the first time. Next week, my former supervisor will be one of them. To call Kate just “a former supervisor” is a gross – and egregious – understatement. Kate was an office innovator, an office inspirator (yes, I made up that word; we’ll… Continue Reading

Creating a Paper Trail: Saving Receipts

A few days ago, I gave my daughter a privilege she’s never had before: I let her go downstairs and play by herself while I stayed upstairs and slept in a little longer. (OK, I admit, it was  privilege for me too.) When I finally walked downstairs at the blessedly late hour of 7:30 in… Continue Reading

Should You Challenge Your Property Appraisal?

World War III is currently underway in my house. On one side is my husband, convinced we should challenge our home’s property appraisal in hopes of a lower tax rate. I’m staunchly pitted against him, standing my ground that now is not the time to challenge our property taxes. Who’s right? Well, if you asked… Continue Reading

Teaching Children About Money The Right Way

Last year, I realized that I was not spending enough time teaching my two older boys about money. My oldest is 8 and my middle is 6 and we also have a baby. I figured out that I was not being a good Dad, because I was not teaching them a great life lesson on… Continue Reading