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Our 2013 Tax Rate

Last year, for the first time since getting married, my husband and I entered a new tax bracket for our federal taxes. We were interested to see what this would do to our effective tax rate, which in previous years had been in the single digits. Of course, 2013 was anything but a traditional tax… Continue Reading

Forgetting to Forward Mail

“THEY DON’T LIVE HERE ANY MORE!” I scrawled atop the envelope from AARP in big, angry, red marker, borrowed from my daughter’s collection of kindergarten art supplies. Probably a little over the top for a message to the USPS, but I was at my wit’s end; something had to be done. When you move –… Continue Reading

When Money Becomes Like A god

Take a look at that title again – and please note the lower-case “g” on the word “god.” There’s a reason for that. As a Catholic gal – not just one of those Christmas & Easter Catholics who take up the front pews during high holy days while skipping out on mass the rest of… Continue Reading

5 Common mistakes struggling businesses make

In the first quarter of 2012 there were over 4,000 compulsory liquidations and creditors’ voluntary liquidations in England and Wales, according to The Insolvency Services. A flatlining economy is adding to many companies’ worries but there are common mistakes that a struggling business can make that are more likely to make it a statistic. Delaying action Except… Continue Reading

Making Mistakes at Tax Time

For years, I loved tax time. That’s because my husband and I made a habit of taking out a little too much money from each paycheck throughout the year, ensuring we’d get a nice big refund every spring. Then my father – a CPA – pointed out the absurdity of giving the government a “loan” each… Continue Reading

TRUTH in Lending

When my husband and I bought our new house, one of the plethora of documents we had to review and sign was the Truth in Lending statement from our mortgage company. The document basically ensures that you – the borrower – know exactly what you’re getting from your deal with the bank – the lender.… Continue Reading

Selling Our House… In Hindsight

It’s the nagging doubt that’s plagued me ever since we signed our names on the dotted line and said goodbye to our first home: was selling our house a good deal? After all, even though we’d lived in the home for seven years and put on an addition, we still took a loss on its sale…… Continue Reading

How To Haggle Part One: Time Warner Cable Customer Service

By day, I am a mild-mannered, work-at-home mother of two. By night, I turn into Mega-Bitch, defender of discounts and fighter for customer service justice. This is the story of how I defeated one of the country’s biggest telecom giants, vanquishing my monthly cable and Internet bill for six months in the process. In The… Continue Reading

Budgeting for online gambling

Gambling can be addictive, and can have a negative impact on your finances. There, we’ve got the negative out of the way, and can move on with the positive – how to budget for online gambling so that you can have a good time and not go broke. Online gaming should be treated like any… Continue Reading