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Trust and Communication

I read a Yahoo article recently that struck me the wrong way.  I’m sure the author meant it to be a positive piece to encourage people, but that’s not how I took it.  In the article, the wife says that she had kept a secret savings account from her husband and that she’s glad she… Continue Reading

To Draw or Not To Draw: Early Social Security Benefits

It’s been a tumultuous year for my family, my father in particular. Last November, a routine doctor’s appointment turned up what turned out to be a major health crisis. Nearly one year – and two major heart and vascular surgeries later – my dad is getting ready to celebrate his 61st birthday. The past year… Continue Reading

Financial Goals for the Next Decade

I turned 30 last week. (I’ll give you all a minute to wish me a belated happy birthday… ok, minute’s up. You can keep reading.) As with any birthday, it’s a chance to examine the last year, to see the successes, the failures, and the coulda-woulda-shouldas that happened along the way. But a big milestone… Continue Reading

How To Get A Raise, Without Asking For More Money

“There’s just not enough room in our budget to pay you more,” my boss told me during my last round of contract negotiations at the TV station where I worked. “We’d love to give you more money, but I don’t have it to give.” It was the same old song and dance he’d given me… Continue Reading

Teaching My Sons To Be The Entrepreneurs

My older two boys were always asking us for money until we put a stop to it and taught them how to handle money.  They are doing a great job at handling and saving money.  Now I think that it is time to teach them about entrepreneurship.  I know that my job as a father… Continue Reading

Are You Smart Money or Dumb Money?

I was speaking with someone this week about smart money.  They wanted to know how I defined smart money.  The easiest way that I knew how to define it was to explain to her about smart money vs dumb money.  I used the 5 principles or paths that I teach to build wealth to become… Continue Reading

You Can Become A Financial Independent

I like to call millionaires….financial independents.  In fact, you do not need to be a millionaire to be financially independent.  I am financially independent but not a millionaire.  Although, I am close and will get there in the next couple of years.  I am financially independent because I can make choices about my lifestyle that… Continue Reading

What Motivates Me to be Financially Responsible?

What is financial responsibility about? Is it about paying off your credit card bills before the bill is due? Is it about how much one spends during the year, or how much one debt carries? Although proper management of these things is indeed a big part of being financially responsible, I believe that it goes further than… Continue Reading

Teaching Children About Money The Right Way

Last year, I realized that I was not spending enough time teaching my two older boys about money. My oldest is 8 and my middle is 6 and we also have a baby. I figured out that I was not being a good Dad, because I was not teaching them a great life lesson on… Continue Reading

5 Paths to Wealth Creation and Financial Freedom

Have you every wondered why some people seem to have all the money while you are living paycheck to paycheck.  Here at Smart Money Focus we will help you understand how to build wealth on your journey to financial freedom.  I have been building my financial Independence for 20 years and I would like to… Continue Reading