Saving money on driving

Having your own car, or rather maintaining it, as it is well known, is a pleasure of doubtful cheapness. Even in our progressive 21st century taking care of the car is a serious problem that requires not only a full-time commitment from the owner, but also the impressive investment from his part. Imagine that you… Continue Reading

7 Things You Can Do Yourself

I am always looking for ways to save money in my day-to-day life: sales, shopping strategies, coupons, and just generally living frugally. That works great, but one fast way to cut your spending is to stop outsourcing services you can do on your own. Check out the ideas below to see if you can cut… Continue Reading

Avoid These Top 5 Mistakes in Buying Commercial Real Estate

Buying any property can be a challenge, but for entrepreneurs, purchasing commercial real estate for a new enterprise can be especially daunting. Considering factors like how much capital you’ll need to get started, how customer demographics and other market aspects can change, or how maintenance issues will be handled in a building you own can be a… Continue Reading

Maximize Your Career For The Big Payday

I have been asked by several people what it means when I say “maximize your career.”  I want to give everyone an overview because it may not be what you think.  I used these techniques and it has paid big dividends for me.  I use maximizing my career as an anchor to building wealth and… Continue Reading

Moneycorp Swiss franc update 8 July 2013

Between early June and early July there was almost no net change in the value of the Swiss franc against the euro. The euro spent almost the entire month somewhere between SFr 1.22 and SFr 1.24. At the beginning and end of the period it was close to SFr 1.24. The euro’s performance against the… Continue Reading

The Financial Benefits of Working while in College

Attending college can be a lot of fun. In addition to earning your degree, your social life is sure to get a big boost. While there is a lot going on during this time of your life, you have to consider your financial situation at all times. Are there any benefits of working while in… Continue Reading

Why I'm Returning To A W-2 Job

For the past 15 months, I’ve been sharing my personal stories and advice on everything from saving for retirement to avoid dumb investment mistakes. One of my favorite posts during that time dealt with how to get a raise without asking for more money; but even though I was doling out the advice, I wasn’t… Continue Reading

How To Teach Children About Money

On April 23, thousands of banks across the country recognized the seventeenth annual ‘Teach Children To Save Day.’ Organizers of the event, which includes American Bankers Association (ABA), encouraged families and schools to teach young children about financial literacy and personal financial management. Bankers and investors advise Americans that it’s never too early to teach… Continue Reading

3 Reasons Why Life Insurance is Key to Financial Security

3 Reasons Why Life Insurance is Key to Financial Security Even though we know that the two proverbial inevitabilities of life are death and taxes, most of us would prefer to think about taxes. The truth is that even though it may sound morbid, talking about your death and preparing and protecting those that you… Continue Reading