What To Do For Money?

You landed on www.smartmoneyfocus.com.   This is a site that I started  after www.whattodoformoney.com and now have that URL redirected to this site.  I am pulling content over to this site.  I am still progressing with my online ventures and hope that you like the content on my new site.  I am still creating for internet income and making progress.


One man’s journey to financial freedom.

Follow as he chronicles his success and failures.

Welcome What To Do For Money Readers,

I am like many of you always searching how to make and conserve money for my financial future.   I have progressed to this new site, Smart Money Focus, to continue to test passive income strategies and I am inviting you to do the same. I am helping people that are interested in personal finance to help stabilize their future. I started What To Do For Money to get a small group together to learn and share our success.  I know have migrated over to www.smartmoneyfocus.com.  I still want to help others to be a financial independent.

I’ve tried various things over the last few years from trading options on the stock market to owning my own business. I have done this to varying degrees of success. I have been studying how to harness the power of the internet and have found that I have a few key rules that I want to follow:

• It must be Passive Income

• It can’t take more than 10 hours per week

• I can do it with little start up capital

• I want to be passionate about it

I came across a way to do this through Internet Marketing and decided to test it for myself. To earn extra money online really does not look that hard but I think that I need to just do it and then keep at it. I am committed to do it and I am inviting you to be a part of my journey.

I have learned quite a bit since launching What To Do About Money and I know that I can help you as well. You can contact me through email, if you are serious about this, because I firmly believe that by teaching others, I will get better myself.
There is nothing to lose if you want to take this journey with me. Help me by letting me help you. So go ahead and follow my new blog,Smart Money Focus, send the links to people and comment. Let me show you the path to become a financial independent.


Joe Edward