What I Do With Fun Money

My husband and I give ourselves about 2.5% of our income every month to just use for fun.  Fun money keeps us from over-analyzing doing or buying the things that we occasionally splurge on.  For my hubby, that’s usually game related in some way.  Here is what I do with fun money:

Fun Money Ideas

  • Travel – I generally save up my fun money and travel to see friends or family in other states.  A $300 trip here and there can be covered 1-2 times a year.  I’ve visited California twice and Utah once so far.
  • Charity – I use my fun money for my personal donations and to cover the expenses for going out with my Little Bro from Big Brothers Big Sisters.
  • Gambling – I enjoy bingo once in a while.  My husband and I used to play online poker at places like www.888casino.com/blackjack, but now we occasionally visit real casinos in Louisiana or Las Vegas.  And I do spend $50 or so a year on the state and national lotteries.
  • DVD’s – I only buy my absolute favorite movies.
  • Yard ornaments – I have a thing about funny yard gnomes and stuff like that.  For example, I do have the one below that hides behind a bush, so you can just see him when you are taking the path to the front door.  I also have the other one below that stalks a big worm figurine.  I move them around when I get bored.
He makes me laugh! I have him set up to stalk my huge garden worm that looks like Nessie…

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